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About us: our philosophy & approach

A safe place for healing

Portum Behavior aims to be one of the leading behavioral health providers in New Jersey for teens, adolescents and their families struggling with mental health and substance use disorder challenges. We are dedicated to recovery for the individual – as well as the family.

Our process involves a comprehensive, in-depth assessment to get to the root of the issues our clients are struggling with and further – creating a holistic, comprehensive recovery plan that is completely individualized & tailored to each unique individual & their needs.

For the family, we know this is a challenging time. This is why our goal is to provide you peace of mind – knowing that the field’s leading experts are caring for your loved one & working through a custom-tailored treatment plan that caters to the needs of your loved one as an individual. Additionally, we believe in the value of thorough, direct communication – ensuring you are in the loop every step of the way. Our treatment team works with clients & their families to repair, fix and even enhance family relationships and dynamics beyond their state pre-treatment.

Portum Behavior. A safe place for healing.

Our Mission
At Portum, our mission is to offer adolescents and families a comprehensive, holistic, and culturally competent environment for growth & development.

Our Vision
Our vision is to strengthen our communities through authentic, fact-based, innovative healthcare for adolescents & their families.

Our Core Values:

  1. Connection: We believe connection is essential to human development. This is best achieved through a community with a common purpose. At Portum growth and development is that purpose.
  2. Flexibility: No one person or path is the same. So everyone’s process and development will be different. It is our job to be flexible and open minded to help you get there.
  3. Authenticity: The alignment of your ideals, values, and actions. We believe that developing who you are is essential to a purpose driven life.

At Portum Behavior, we understand that adolescence is a crucial and challenging period. Our mission is to support teenagers in navigating the complexities of this life stage with compassionate, evidence-based care. We are committed to fostering an environment where young individuals can thrive, overcome challenges, and unlock their full potential.

Our Approach

We believe in a 360 degree, comprehensive & holistic approach to treatment. Our programs are 100% fully customized & tailored to the needs of each unique individual – driven by the initial findings of our comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment. We integrate a variety of therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, equine therapy, nature immersion, family therapy & more to ensure we are healing each critical component – including the emotional, mental, spiritual and social aspects of our clients’ lives.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of some of the leading healthcare professionals in the field including psychologists, therapists, counselors and support staff who specialize in mental health and substance use disorder treatment amongst teens and adolescents. Our team’s most impressive credentialing isn’t their education – it’s their passion, dedication & experience which they deliver to every client we serve.

We Directly Address the Issues Young People Face Head-On

Backed-By Science, Lead by Empathy & Understanding

At our farm-based residential program, we are committed to providing a unique and healing experience for our participants. Our mission is to offer a safe and supportive environment where individuals can work through challenges, develop new skills, and gain a sense of purpose through connection and community. We believe that by engaging in farm-based activities and community living, individuals can experience a sense of belonging and connectedness that is essential to their mental health and well-being. Our program is designed to provide a holistic approach to mental health and addiction treatment, incorporating evidence-based therapies, experiential learning, and the natural beauty of our farm setting. We are dedicated to empowering individuals to develop resilience, build self-esteem, and improve their quality of life. Our farm-based treatment program is guided by compassion, respect, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals living with behavioral health issues.

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Our Values

Why We Do What We Do

We offer constant communication and access throughout the treatment process.


Portum Behavioral Health is trusted by professionals & loved-ones alike as a valued provider.

Collective Responsibility

We know it takes a village. We work together with families to ensure continued success.

Caring Through Compassion

Every aspect of our program is rooted with deep care for how it affects our clients outcomes.

Invested in the Outcomes

We aim to be a beacon of hope & positive change for you and your family long after program completion.

Transparency in Healthcare

From HIPAA compliance to no-surprise billing, We are transparent with you every step of the way.

Portum Behavioral Health by the Numbers

why choose our program?

Here at Portum Behavioral Health, we have gathered experts in adolescent mental health and substance use treatment in order to provide our clients and their loved-ones with a totally bespoke experience in treatment. From years of working experience to the numerous therapies offered, you can trust that Portum Behavioral Health is your top choice in adolescent & teen behavioral health treatment.

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Dedicated to Helping Others

Meet Our Expert Team

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Clinical Director
Juliette D’Ambrosio, LPC, NCC
Lead SUD Clinician
Brian Gamarello, LCADC, CCS, ICCS
Director of Business Development
Craig Thomas
Site Manager
Trina Mertz
Program & Activities Coordinator
Jacquelyn Feulner

Some Common Questions About Our Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

This varies based on the client, but typically one attends at least x3 times per week for approximately 9-12 hrs in total.

Yes, Portum understands that education will continue to be an important part of one’s life, especially early on.  Our clinicians and programming is built around the needs of a child/adolescent and the family.  We provide flexible programming and scheduling that aims to meet the needs of our clients.

We incorporate conventional therapy with unconventional treatment such as but not limited to; equine therapy, horticulture therapy, adventure & experiential therapies.  We also incorporate behavioral modification and behavioral analysis into every aspect of our program.

We provide transportation to and from our facility within 25 miles.  Portum vehicles and drivers are fully trained and certified Portum staff.

Portum Behavioral Health

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