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Teen Addiction Treatment In New Jersey

Addiction rates among teens and young adults have been rising. For many parents, their teens’ substance use is upsetting and overwhelming, but there are resources available that can help. 

If you’re the parent of a teen struggling with substance use or mental health disorders, Portum Behavioral Health offers teen behavioral health treatment in New Jersey.

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Substance Abuse & Addiction in teens
Substance Abuse vs. Addiction

When teenagers first start to abuse substances, they may not be addicted or dependent. Substance use disorders are progressive and worsen over time without appropriate treatment. A substance use disorder can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe, but any of these is problematic for a teen.

Physical dependence occurs when someone’s body depends on a substance. Your teen could develop a tolerance to the substance and need larger doses to get the same effects. Withdrawal symptoms can occur if someone physically depends on a substance and stops suddenly.

A psychological addiction is a disease affecting the brain.

There are extreme cravings for the substance, use is out of control and compulsive, and someone who’s addicted to a substance will keep using it no matter the effects it’s having on their life.

A milder substance use disorder becomes an addiction when a teen’s life is focused entirely on their need to use the drug. There’s a feeling that they can’t choose whether or not they use it—it’s out of their control because of the effects of addictive substances on the brain and reward pathways.

Portum Behavioral Health is a New Jersey teen behavioral health treatment center. We offer an outpatient treatment program, and we work specifically with young people to help them overcome addiction and also provide treatment for mental health disorders.

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What Signs Should You
Look for in Your Teen?

The teenage years are full of ups and downs and many changes. These factors can make it harder for parents and loved ones to see the signs of substance abuse and addiction. It’s tough to determine if a behavior is normal for teens.

In general, some of the signs of substance abuse or addiction you might look for in a teenager include:

If there are signs of addiction in a teen, the sooner they receive treatment, the better the outcomes in most cases. Portum is a program offering teen addiction treatment in New Jersey, and we can help.

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The Scope of Teen Substance Abuse

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • 14% of students reported having abused prescription opioids.
  • 15% of high school students said they’d used injection or illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin, or ecstasy.
  • When young people use opioids, it’s directly associated with high-risk sexual behaviors.
  • Students who use prescription drugs without a prescription are more likely than their peers to be victims of sexual or physical dating violence.
  • Substance use among young people is associated with violence, sexual risk behaviors, and risks related to mental health and suicide.

At Portum, we offer New Jersey teen addiction treatment and mental health services for co-occurring disorders.

Our teen and adolescent partial day programs have comprehensive recovery resources, also known as partial hospitalization. The difference between this and an inpatient program is that it’s not residential, so your teen can return home after their treatment day.

PHPs at our teen addiction treatment in New Jersey offer more extensive services than our lower levels of care. The minimum weekly attendance is 20 hours, and there’s no upper limit on how much time a teen can participate. In a PHP, teens usually receive treatment five or more days a week for four to six hours.

PHPs can include lab services, medical care, and psychiatric services.

Our Hunterdon County Intensive Outpatient Program at Portum lets teens remain at home while receiving support more comprehensively than if they were in a standard outpatient program.

While everyone’s treatment plan is designed around their unique needs, teens in an IOP at Portum will receive treatment for at least six hours a week, with the maximum level of involvement being 19 hours each week.

Our teen outpatient program in New Jersey again allows teens to remain at home while they receive treatment. An outpatient program could be helpful for teens with mild substance use disorders or who have progressed in more intense treatment levels and are ready to move down.

It could also be suited to a teen who needs help managing their condition but has already reached a stable sobriety point.

Bridging the Gap Between Inpatient & Outpatient

We’re on a mission to end the youth mental health crisis through science-backed, human-first, data-driven treatment designed for teens.

Portum Behavioral Health is on a mission to help teens and young adults in adapting to the world around them, fostering a positive attitude for a better tomorrow. We offer unparalleled treatment for adolescents, teens and young adults at our New Jersey inpatient rehab located in a farm home that allows your family a path to healing.

Ideal Setting for Healing

Getting Help For Your Teen

At Portum Behavioral Health, we understand the unique needs and challenges of treating teens with substance use disorders and often co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

Our client-centered recovery program offers holistic treatments to help your child work through current challenges and develop coping strategies they’ll use for a lifetime.

Our teen addiction treatment in New Jersey relies on self-belief in the possibility of healing and a sense of encouragement from our compassionate staff every step of the way.

"Working at Portum has been a blessing. The team is extremely dedicated and experienced. We lead with empathy and bring our hearts with us every day."
"Portum Behavioral Health is unlike any other teen program I've seen. From the farm house to the clinical programming they truly are the best!"
"I joined Portum to be a part of something special. To create an environment of care that promotes dignity, compassion, and confidence. Our clients and families know we are here with them every step of the way."