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Behavioral Healthcare Treatment for Teens & Adolescents

Significant mental health issues are common in teenagers throughout the U.S. The same holds true for issues related to the use of drugs or alcohol. On its own, either of these problems can seriously interfere with your child’s well-being and ability to function. When mental health and substance-related issues overlap, their combined impact can be even worse. 

Like adolescents everywhere, teens living in New Jersey need prompt help for any mental health concerns that arise. That’s true whether or not additional symptoms of substance problems are present. To overcome the difficulties facing them, teenagers need treatment specifically matched to their age. Failure to get this kind of age-appropriate care can make it much harder to recover. This means that a specialized facility for teens is typically a crucial recovery resource.

Are you looking for a high-quality teen behavioral health treatment program? Turn to the experienced professionals at Portum Behavioral Health. We feature customized recovery plans for teenagers affected by the combination of mental health and substance problems. Our goal is to support your child’s return to an overall state of stability and wholeness.

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Mental Health & Substance Abuse in teens

Teen Behavioral Health Facts

The average American teenager has at least one potential risk factor for poor mental health. Common examples of these factors include:

  • Peer pressure and other everyday social influences (including extensive use of social media)
  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Low self-esteem
  • Exposure to bullying or discrimination
  • An unstable home life
  • A lack of sufficient family resources
  • A lack of sufficient family resources

Research shows that the mental health risks to teenagers are increasing. Over 40% of all teens frequently feel down or depressed. In addition, almost 30% of all teens experience other signs of reduced mental well-being. Suicidal thoughts and behavior are also fairly widespread. 

The number one mental health issue among the nation’s preteens and teens is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Additional common concerns include:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression

What’s more, significant numbers of teens are affected by anorexia or other eating disorders.

Want more information on teen mental health pressures and mental health conditions? Talk to the knowledgeable staff at Portum Behavioral Health today.

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The Added Impact of Substance Problems in Teens

Year in and year out, large numbers of teens use alcohol, marijuana, or another addictive substance. On its own, substance use can lead to the onset of two connected mental health issues:

These issues are collectively known as substance use disorders (SUDs). 

What happens when an SUD overlaps with another, separate mental illness? Not only can an SUD worsen the symptoms of your teen’s other mental health condition. That condition can, in turn, worsen the effects of an SUD. 

Teens affected by SUDs are more susceptible to additional mental health issues than adults. In fact, as many as three in every four teenagers with substance problems experience these issues. 

Consult the experts at our behavioral health center for teens to find out more about the interaction between SUDs and other mental health conditions in teens.

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Teen Behavioral Healthcare Treatment in New Jersey at Portum Behavioral Health

Teens affected by other mental health issues, in addition to an SUD, need specialized care during rehab. If your child only receives help for their SUD, untreated symptoms of their other condition can interfere with their recovery. The same problem can also happen in reverse if your child only gets help for their separate mental health issue. 

This means that effective treatment requires a dual-focus rehab plan. This plan must provide resources for the particular SUD affecting your teenager. It must also provide additional, targeted mental health resources. Mental health and SUD recovery for teens differ from adult recovery in a variety of ways. For this reason, an effective rehab plan must also feature age-appropriate treatment options. 

For more details on combining mental health and SUD treatment for teens, consult us today.

Bridging the Gap Between Inpatient & Outpatient

We’re on a mission to end the youth mental health crisis through science-backed, human-first, data-driven treatment designed for teens.

Portum Behavioral Health is on a mission to help teens and young adults in adapting to the world around them, fostering a positive attitude for a better tomorrow. We offer unparalleled treatment for adolescents, teens and young adults at our New Jersey inpatient rehab located in a farm home that allows your family a path to healing.

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Our Approach to Adolescent & Teen Treatment in New Jersey

What kinds of treatment options are available to help teens affected by both SUDs and other mental health concerns? One of the most important resources is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy works, in part, by educating teens about the health impacts of their everyday:

In addition, it helps your child recognize negative patterns in each of these areas. Importantly, CBT also helps your teenager escape their negative patterns and function in healthier ways. 

Other forms of therapy can also be used to support effective recovery in adolescents. The list of these additional treatment options includes:

"When we started planning our programs, we took the time to get to know teens and their families in order to understand the current problems they face. From there we were able to build a treatment program centered around the unique, individual needs of teens and adolescents in order to help them learn valuable skills they will use for the rest of their lives."

Most medications used to treat SUDs are not approved for teenagers. However, your teen’s treatment plan may include an option designed for this purpose. Medication may also be used to treat certain other teen mental health conditions, including depression. 

Have more questions about the available options for teen and adolescent behavioral health center? The experts at Portum are here to assist you.

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A Safe Place For Teens to Do Some Hard Work

Let the caring and dedicated professionals at our inpatient and outpatient treatment center in New Jersey help your teen in overcoming issues that may prevent them from thriving. Our goal is to work with your child so they can learn healthy coping skills, all while focusing on their academic goals and personal goals while in treatment and beyond.

Ideal Setting for Healing

Our Adolescent & Teen Behavioral Health Treatment Center

The severity of the impact of mental illnesses and SUDs varies from teen to teen. To account for this difference, any rehab facility you’re considering should offer multiple treatment settings. Depending on your child’s needs, the setting that offers timely, effective help may be an:

Together, these options form a connected continuum of recovery resources. The lower end of this continuum, standard outpatient care, provides a few hours of onsite treatment each week. The two other outpatient options provide increasing levels of weekly recovery support. Inpatient programs are 24/7 recovery settings that feature the maximum amount of mental health and rehab resources.

Talk to us today for more information on our adolescent behavioral health center and how to choose the right kind of treatment for your teenager.

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs About Teen Behavioral Health Treatment

These are just some of the common questions typically have when they start the process of looking for treatment for their teen or adolescent. Portum Behavioral Health aims to be a leader in working with families to heal together as a family unit. Our program also offers academic support, allowing your child the opportunity to continue their education while learning how to navigate life with healthy boundaries and coping skills.

The term “level of care” signifies the intensity and nature of treatment tailored to an individual’s needs. These levels can span from outpatient therapy to inpatient rehab, with intermediate options available.

  • Recognize Warning Signs: Be vigilant for significant alterations in mood, behavior, academic performance, or social interactions.
  • Respond to Urgency: If your child expresses thoughts of self-harm or suicide, seek immediate assistance.
  • Consultation with Experts: Arrange for a comprehensive evaluation by a mental health professional to ascertain the necessity of treatment.

Portum Behavioral Health offers educational support to enable your child to sustain their academic progress. When you call our admissions team, we can walk you through the process of how our academic support services can promote further well-being for your child.

  • Engage in Family Therapy: Consider participating in family therapy sessions if recommended.
  • Extend Emotional Support: Offer unwavering emotional encouragement to your child throughout their journey.
  • Foster Understanding: Take the initiative to comprehend your child’s condition and treatment plan to provide informed support.
  • Practice Patience and Compassion: Embrace a patient and empathetic approach as your child progresses toward recovery.
  • Facilitate Open Communication: Encourage adolescents to discuss their emotions and concerns openly.
  • Seek Guidance from Professionals: Consult with mental health experts for proper assessment and advice.
  • Enhance Your Knowledge: Acquire a deeper understanding of your teen’s mental health condition.
  • Promote Healthy Habits: Advocate for a well-rounded lifestyle encompassing proper nutrition, physical activity, and sufficient rest.
  • Cultivate a Nurturing Environment: Create a safe and judgment-free atmosphere within your home.
  • Explore Therapy Options: Consider individual or family therapy as constructive avenues for support.
  • Embrace Patience: Recognize that the journey to recovery is gradual; offer ongoing support and empathy.

Simply call our admissions team today to learn more about starting the treatment process for you child, and we will walk you though every step.

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Effective mental health recovery for teenagers requires help that’s specifically focused on their age-related needs. At the same time, it requires a customized, personal approach for each participating adolescent. The same considerations are equally important for teenagers’ timely recovery from drug and alcohol problems. What’s more, steps must be taken to coordinate the treatment needs of teens dealing with both mental illness and SUDs.

In need of a provider who specializes in this complex form of rehab and recovery? Call on the expertise of our behavioral health center in New Jersey. We’re committed to helping teenagers and adolescents in New Jersey regain an abiding sense of wellness. That’s true regardless of the specific mental health condition or SUD affecting them. Want to know more about our customized, gender- and age-focused recovery programs? Just contact us today.