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Intensive Outpatient for Teens

Across the county, teenagers face some age-specific risks for using drugs or alcohol, as well as risks for developing diagnosable substance use disorders (SUDs). Moreover, teens affected by SUDs need recovery options designed with their age in mind. 

For some teenagers in recovery, the best available option for effective treatment is an intensive outpatient program (IOP). An IOP lets recovering teens live at home while receiving support that goes beyond a standard outpatient program. When meeting adolescents’ unique needs, it also follows a different course than a program for adults. This means that you must find an intensive outpatient option designed specifically for teenagers affected by SUDs. 

Are you looking for a Hunterdon County IOP for teens? Portum Behavioral Health is here for you. We feature a full spectrum of SUD and mental health recovery services for teenage boys. The list of those services includes customized intensive outpatient care. We’re committed to helping your child regain well-being while attending school and staying involved in daily life.

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Facts About Teens and Substance Abuse

Every year, federally supported researchers examine substance use among the nation’s teenagers. Among other things, the results of this research show that:

  • Substance use becomes more and more common as teens grow older
  • Over half of the nation’s 12th graders have used alcohol
  • Close to a third of all 12th graders have used marijuana or another cannabis product
  • About 8% of all 12th graders have taken another addictive substance besides alcohol or marijuana
  • About 8% of all 12th graders have taken another addictive substance besides alcohol or marijuana

The use of addictive substances during adolescence is problematic for a number of reasons. For example, it significantly increases the chance of developing a substance use disorder. As with adults, some teens affected by SUDs meet the clinical standards for drug or alcohol addiction. Others don’t meet these standards but still suffer notable impairment as a result of their substance use. 

Adolescents who get help for their substance problems can potentially regain lost ground in these areas. However, failure to get help may increase the odds of lasting mental and behavioral problems. 

Want to learn more about the impact of teen substance use and SUDs?? Talk to the professionals at our behavioral health center in New Jersey today.

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What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Whether for teens or adults, SUD treatment exists on a spectrum, or continuum, of program options. That’s true because the help provided to anyone in recovery varies according to factors such as the following:

Given the impact of these kinds of factors, no single program could successfully meet everyone’s needs. 

Intensive outpatient programs form the second of three tiers of outpatient substance recovery. The tier below IOPs includes all standard outpatient programs. The tier above them includes all partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). 

Teens enrolled in IOPs live at home and spend most of their time engaged in everyday activities. At least six hours a week, they receive treatment at the facility chosen for their care. The maximum weekly level of involvement is 19 hours. The typical teen receives help three days or more each week of their enrollment. Each scheduled visit usually lasts for a minimum of three hours. 

Have more questions about IOP in Hunterdon County and their role in effective treatment for teens? Get the answers you need at our adolescent behavioral health center.

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Is Partial Day Treatment Right for My Teen?

Who Qualifies for a Hunterdon County IOP for Teens?

How can you determine if your child needs the level of care provided by an IOP? As a rule, six factors play a role in making placement decisions for all teens in need of help:

Teens who qualify for IOPs are affected by multidimensional instability. In other words, they have significant health or behavioral issues in addition to problems with drugs or alcohol. However, their overall condition is not serious enough to warrant enrollment in a PHP. It also does not warrant enrollment in a residential or inpatient program. 

Want to know more about the criteria for intensive outpatient programs in Hunterdon, NJ? The knowledgeable staff at Portum Behavioral Health is standing by to assist you.

Healing Through Compassion

When looking for an adolescent IOP in New Jersey, look no further than portum behavioral health.

Portum Behavioral Health is on a mission to help teens and young adults in adapting to the world around them, fostering a positive attitude for a better tomorrow. We offer unparalleled treatment for adolescents, teens and young adults at our residential farm home located in North New Jersey that allows your family a path to healing.

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Treatment at Our Teen IOP in New Jersey

What services will your teenager receive in a Hunterdon County IOP program? As with IOPs for adults, the main focus is on the effective use of psychotherapy. Several therapy options have known usefulness in helping teens recover, including:

"Creating an environment that supports our clients and a program aimed at doing the same to their families is what we work toward achieving everyday"

Family therapy is also a mainstay of effective recovery programs for teens. That’s true because family life often tremendously impacts adolescents’ substance use. Moreover, active family involvement in their recovery can increase your child’s odds of doing well in treatment. 

Therapy and counseling for teens in Hunterdon County can help your child at all stages of their recovery. While fairly common in adult IOPs, medication use is not the norm for teen IOP treatment plans. However, some plans may include one or more medication options. 

To learn more about the services provided in an adolescent IOP, consult the specialists at Portum today.

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs About Intensive Outpatient

Every day, teens across America are impacted by the combined effects of mental illness and SUDs. Recovery from these overlapping health issues is possible. However, it requires multiple layers of customization. It also requires coordinated treatment that supports your teen’s overall well-being. What’s more, effective treatment requires a team of dedicated specialists who understand teenager’s unique rehab needs. 

  • PHPs deliver more intensive treatment and supervision, often encompassing daily sessions with structured support, including therapy and medical oversight. It’s a suitable option for individuals requiring a high level of care while returning home at night.
  • IOPs, on the other hand, offer a less intensive treatment experience, involving fewer weekly therapy hours. It is tailored for individuals in need of ongoing treatment who can effectively manage their daily life outside of treatment hours.

Our IOP program was designed as an after-school program that allows our clients the opportunity to continue with their studies with attending group and individual sessions 3-5 days a week.

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IOPs offer a diverse array of therapeutic modalities, encompassing individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and psychoeducation. The specific therapies available can vary depending on the program, so it is advisable to inquire about the therapy options provided by Portum.

IOP programs provide the option of virtual or online participation, enabling individuals to engage in therapy sessions remotely. This can be especially advantageous for those facing transportation challenges or who prefer the convenience of virtual treatment. You can call our admissions team to explore the availability of this option.

IOPs may include therapeutic activities and excursions as integral components of the treatment plan. These activities are designed to be diverse and are often structured to foster skill development, enhance social interaction, and promote overall wellness. To gain insight into the specific activities and outings offered as part of Portum’s IOP program, call our admissions team today.

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Adolescent IOP in New Jersey

Get Help Today From Our Hunterdon County IOP

Addiction and substance abuse treatment in Hunterdon County, NJ, may be crucial to your teenager’s well-being. The right treatment option can help your child end their involvement in drug or alcohol use. It can also help them stay clear of any future use of addictive substances. In addition, well-chosen programs can support recovery from other significant issues often accompanying substance problems.

IOPs are the best possible setting for effective care for some teens in recovery. These programs can not only help your child overcome substance abuse or addiction. They can also promote general wellness and stability. At the same time, IOPs give your teen ample time to attend school and stay actively engaged in your family’s home life. 

Does your child need the services provided by an IOP program? Portum Behavioral Health is your source for quality treatment that provides the full benefits of intensive outpatient care. We’re committed to helping your teenager regain their footing in daily life and return to a stable, productive routine. For more information on our gender-specific programs for boys, contact us today.