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Teen Outpatient Rehab in New Jersey

Adolescent Outpatient Program in New Jersey

Across New Jersey, significant numbers of teenagers use drugs or alcohol. Consumption of these substances at an early age not only increases future risks for addiction. It also exposes teens to major health issues such as overdoses and accidental injuries. With help, teenagers can halt their alcohol or drug use before being exposed to these kinds of dangers. They can also recover from the effects of existing addiction and substance abuse issues. 

Teenagers seeking help for their substance problems have various recovery needs. To meet these needs, high-quality rehab providers feature several types of treatment programs. A good option for many affected teens is a standard outpatient program. When used appropriately, this level of treatment can provide crucial sobriety support.

Does your teenager need standard outpatient care for drug or alcohol problems? Turn to the adolescent rehab specialists at Portum Behavioral Health. We feature outpatient rehab in New Jersey for teen boys. Our customized approach supports your child as they progress toward sobriety and everyday abstinence. It also supports a wider return to a healthier, more stable daily routine.

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New Jersey Substance Abuse in Teens

how addiction impacts teens

How common is teen drug and alcohol use in New Jersey? The answer to this question depends on the substance in question. Marijuana use among the state’s teenagers falls below the average national rate. The same holds true for New Jersey teens’ use of other illicit drugs. However, adolescent alcohol use in the state is significantly above the norm. 

Excessive substance intake can have seriously damaging effects on anyone, regardless of their age. But those effects are magnified in teenagers. Why? During adolescence, your child has yet to complete their process of growth and development. Drug and alcohol use can disrupt this process in multiple ways. Common results of this disruption include:

  • Slower-than-normal development of higher brain functions
  • Unusual problems acting appropriately in social situations
  • Poor mental focus
  • Memory disturbances

Drug or alcohol use as a teenager also boosts the odds of developing diagnosable substance abuse or addiction. That’s especially true if your teen has risk factors such as:

  • Prior exposure to child abuse or other kinds of major trauma
  • A friendship group that uses addictive substances or has a favorable view of substance use
  • Genetic tendencies that make addiction more likely to occur
  • A lack of adequate parental guidance or oversight

Have further questions about teenage substance use and its possible consequences? Get more details today at our New Jersey behavioral health center.

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What Is an Outpatient Rehab Program?

how an outpatient program can help

There are multiple outpatient options for teenagers in substance rehab. All of these options share certain traits in common. For instance, they allow your child to live at home while attending scheduled weekly treatment. They also feature many of the same types of treatment. 

But each outpatient option also has unique traits that help define it. The main difference here is the group a given option is meant to serve. Another big difference is the amount of time per week your teen attends treatment. 

An outpatient program, also known as a standard outpatient program, is the first of the three outpatient options. It’s designed to help three groups of teenagers, including those:

There is also a version of standard outpatient care designed for adults. However, a standard program for teens differs in several crucial ways. First, adolescent programs provide up to five hours of weekly treatment, while those for adults provide up to eight hours. Teen programs also tend to focus more on non-medication-based rehab options. In addition, outpatient programs for teenagers pay close attention to the issues most likely to affect people in this specific age group. 

To find out more about standard adolescent outpatient rehab in New Jersey, consult the professionals at Portum Behavioral Health today.

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Determining If Your Child Needs an Outpatient Treatment Center in New Jersey

Is Outpatient Right for Me?

As noted, teens who start treatment in standard outpatient care typically have mild substance problems. Other factors also help determine the appropriateness of this kind of program for your child. The list of these factors for any teenager includes their:

As a rule, those who qualify for a standard outpatient program lack serious risks in each of these areas. For this reason, they require relatively limited time in treatment to support their recovery. Teenagers affected by more extensive problems typically need a higher level of care.

Want more information on your teen’s suitability for an outpatient program? Talk to the helpful staff at our adolescent behavioral health center today.

Our outpatient rehab in New Jersey can help your child learn to thrive.

Healing Through Compassion

Portum Behavioral Health is on a mission to help teens and young adults in adapting to the world around them, fostering a positive attitude for a better tomorrow. We offer unparalleled treatment for adolescents, teens and young adults at our residential farm home located in North New Jersey that allows your family a path to healing.

Available Options at an Outpatient Treatment Center in NJ

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Like adults, teenagers do best when they actively participate in the process of substance treatment. The most effective approach to active treatment for teens is typically behavioral psychotherapy. This is the name of a school of therapies that focuses on making practical, beneficial changes in daily thought, mood, and behavior.

What kinds of behavioral therapy can support teens as they recover from substance problems? Options backed by plentiful research include:

"You have to be creative, you have to be persistent, and most of all you have to care. We really do all three of those things here."

Peer support can be important for adolescents in substance treatment. For this reason, your teen may participate in some forms of therapy in a group setting. They may also have access to a mutual self-help group specifically designed for teenagers. 

What is the role of medication in teen outpatient rehab in New Jersey? The fact is that most of the medications approved for use in adult rehab do not have approval for adolescent use. As a result, these treatment options usually play a limited role, if they’re used at all. 

Consult us today to find out more about the recovery options for teens in an outpatient rehab in New Jersey.

FAQs About Outpatient
Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, teens across America are impacted by the combined effects of mental illness and SUDs. Recovery from these overlapping health issues is possible. However, it requires multiple layers of customization. It also requires coordinated treatment that supports your teen’s overall well-being. What’s more, effective treatment requires a team of dedicated specialists who understand teenager’s unique rehab needs. 

The oversight of medications can be an essential facet of outpatient treatment, particularly if prescribed medications form part of the treatment regimen. This may involve the supervision and adjustment of medications by a qualified medical professional or psychiatrist, as necessary.

Outpatient treatment typically occurs 1-3 days a week depending on clinical recommendations.

Upon concluding the outpatient program, your child may embark on a transition phase, which could involve aftercare or ongoing therapy, contingent on the assessment by their treatment team. Aftercare plans are commonly devised to deliver continual support and ensure the perpetuation of progress.

Portum Behavioral Health can facilitate the process of locating an appropriate therapist for your child’s aftercare needs. Our treatment center extends assistance by providing recommendations and referrals to proficient therapists, ensuring a seamless progression from the program to sustained therapy.

Individual therapy is frequently an element of the outpatient program. Your child will have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one sessions with a therapist, affording them the platform to address their specific needs, surmount challenges, and pursue their therapeutic objectives.

Portum Behavioral Health believes in the integration of family therapy within outpatient programs, particularly when family dynamics are pertinent to an individual’s mental health. This therapeutic approach can ameliorate communication, tackle familial concerns, and bolster the overall treatment process. To ensure the inclusion of family therapy in your child’s treatment scheme, talk to our admissions team today.

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For Teen Outpatient Rehab in New Jersey, Turn to Portum Behavioral Health

Outpatient Rehab in New Jersey for Teens

Teenagers recovering from substance problems need varying degrees of treatment and support. If your child is mildly impacted by substance abuse or addiction, they may get all the help they need in a standard outpatient program. This kind of program provides a few hours of weekly treatment that typically features behavioral therapy. 

At our intensive outpatient program in New Jersey, we feature a full slate of recovery options for teenage boys. Those options include standard outpatient care. In all cases, our treatment plans focus on the needs of teens in general, and the needs of your child in particular. To find out more about the many benefits of this focused approach, contact us today. We’re standing by to help your teen return to a drug- and alcohol-free daily lifestyle.

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