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Partial Hospitalization

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Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Like adults with substance problems, teenagers affected by these problems are different. One of the key differences between affected people is the extent of their drug- or alcohol-related symptoms. Another is whether or not they have additional mental health issues that could impact their recovery. Together, these factors help determine the kind of program your teen needs to regain wellness and sobriety. 

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) for adolescents can be the right choice. This program provides extensive recovery resources but does not require your teen to live onsite. In this way, it can provide an excellent blend of effective care and treatment convenience. PHPs for teenagers resemble PHPs for adults in certain respects. However, they also have their own important characteristics. This means that it’s important to find a program specifically intended for your child’s age-appropriate recovery needs. 

Does your child affected by substance problems need the advanced outpatient support provided by a PHP for teens? You’ll find a comprehensive slate of gender-specific services at Portum Behavioral Health. We specialize in helping teen boys affected by addiction and other serious mental health issues. With our customized support, your child can get the full benefits of PHP enrollment. In turn, they can increase their chances of meeting their immediate and ongoing recovery goals.

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How addiction affects teens
Teens & Substance Use

Substance use is not uncommon among American teenagers. Research shows that significant percentages of teens have current or past experience using:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Other kinds of addictive drugs and medications

The older your adolescent gets, the more likely that they’ll get involved in drug or alcohol use. 

Like adults, teens who misuse addictive substances run the risk of developing serious problems. Perhaps the most well-known of these problems is clinical addiction to the substance in question. However, even if addiction isn’t present, your child can develop substance abuse symptoms that cause them significant harm. 

Compared to adults who first use drugs or alcohol, teens are notably more susceptible to substance abuse and addiction. In some ways, these problems can also be uniquely dangerous for teenagers.

If they quit drinking and using drugs, adolescents sometimes recover their delayed skills. However, some developmental changes may be lingering or even permanent. 

For more information on how substance use can affect your teenage child, talk to the specialists at our behavioral health center in New Jersey today.

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how our new jersey PHP for teens can help

What Exactly is a Partial Hospitalization Program for Teens?

Outpatient treatment is a common setting for recovery from drug or alcohol problems. That’s especially true for teenagers. An outpatient program allows your child to get the help they need while still living at home. At the same time, an appropriately selected program will support effective recovery for most teens. 

There are three outpatient options for adolescents and adults in substance treatment. The entry point for some people is a standard outpatient program, also known as an outpatient program. Others begin their recovery in an intensive outpatient program (IOP). The third option is a partial hospitalization program (PHP). 

What distinguishes a PHP from the other two options? First, it provides a more extensive range of services than standard programs or IOPs. In addition, it requires more participation in weekly treatment. The minimum for weekly attendance in partial hospitalization is 20 hours. No predetermined upper limit exists on how many hours your child may participate. In the typical PHP, scheduled treatment takes place five days or more each week. On any given day, your teen receives help for anywhere from four to six hours

As its name indicates, a PHP provides certain services typically found in hospitals or specialized clinics. The list of these services includes:

PHPs also rely on multiple types of treatment professionals. These professionals work together in teams to provide all participants with the specific forms of help they need to recover.

Want to know more about PHPs and how they function? Consult the helpful staff at our outpatient rehab in New Jersey today.

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Is Partial Day Treatment Right for My Teen?

Who Qualifies for a PHP Program?

The majority of teenagers in rehab for substance problems can recover in an outpatient program. All programs with this name provide weekly scheduled treatment while allowing your child to reside at home. However, outpatient care isn’t suitable for all adolescents. That’s true, in part, because some teens are severely affected by their SUD symptoms. To recover, they need a 24/7 live-in environment that provides extensive treatment resources. This type of environment is featured in residential or inpatient rehab programs.

In addition to the presence of severe SUD, there are other reasons why your child might need inpatient care. In a substantial number of cases, that reason is the presence of a serious mental illness. Your teen may also:

In addition to having substance problems, all teens participating in PHPs are affected by at least one other form of serious instability. In some cases, that instability centers on the effects of a separate mental health condition. It may also result from other medical or physical health issues. Despite the impact of the conditions affecting them, teens in PHPs do not require the 24/7 support of residential recovery programs. 

Consult the experts at Portum Behavioral Health for more information on the criteria for a behavioral health center for teens.

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Portum Behavioral Health is on a mission to help teens and young adults in adapting to the world around them, fostering a positive attitude for a better tomorrow. We offer unparalleled treatment for adolescents, teens and young adults at our adolescent partial hospitalization program that allows your family a path to healing.

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What to Expect from Our Partial Hospitalization Program for Adolescents in New Jersey

What are the treatment options in a partial hospitalization program for teens? As a rule, PHPs for this age group provide help in the form of customized psychotherapy. Forms of therapy that can help your child meet their short- and long-term recovery goals include:

"We offer an intelligent and passionate team, that truly cares about the outcomes for each and every client who walks through the doors of our programs."

The use of family therapy underscores an important fact. Namely, your child’s family life and level of family support can either help or hurt their chances for recovery. Active involvement by other family members often provides a significant boost for successful outcomes. 

Have more questions about the treatments available in partial hospitalization for teens? The team at Portum is standing by to answer them.

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Partial Hospitalization Program for Teens

Get the Help Your Child Needs at Our PHP for Teens

Partial hospitalization is an advanced form of outpatient care for people affected by drug or alcohol problems. It not only provides customized treatment for substance abuse and addiction. It also offers additional services that support recovery from other unstable mental or physical health issues. 

For various reasons, teenagers in all substance treatment programs need age-specific recovery support. This means that you need a PHP specifically designed for adolescents. At Portum Behavioral Health, we feature partial hospitalization services for teen boys. This targeted focus allows us to provide care that’s gender-specific as well as age-appropriate. In this way, we work to increase your child’s chances of getting sober and addressing their other serious health concerns. To get more information or start the enrollment process, contact us today.