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Inpatient Mental Health Treatment for Adolescents in New Jersey

A large percentage of America’s teenagers will experience mental illness during their adolescence. In many cases, the conditions affecting them are serious and lead to notable daily dysfunction. Another mental health issue is also fairly common in teens: substance use disorder (SUD). This condition produces diagnosable symptoms of substance abuse or clinical addiction. 

Given the widespread presence of mental illness and SUDs, it’s unsurprising that some teenagers develop both problems. In fact, most teens who qualify for an SUD diagnosis also have an additional mental illness. If your child is severely affected by these issues, they may need an inpatient program to support their recovery. Along with inpatient drug rehab for teens, inpatient mental health treatment provides the highest level of professional care. 

Does your child need the advanced level of treatment provided by an inpatient mental health for teens? You’ll find it at Portum Behavioral Health. We specialize in inpatient treatment services for adolescents with substance problems. We also specialize in the treatment of the mental health conditions that often accompany these problems. With our help, your teen can make crucial strides toward recovered mental well-being.

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Understanding teen Mental Health
Teens & Mental Illness: What You Need to Know

Serious mental illnesses (SMIs) get their name because they produce life-impairing changes in the way a person:

  • Thinks & processes information
  • Responds on an emotional level
  • Behaves in reaction to their thoughts and emotions

Affected people find it much harder to function in at least one significant way. Some SMIs rank among the most common mental health issues. The list of these common conditions includes both depression and anxiety disorders. 

Research shows that mental illness among teenagers is far from rare. Almost a third of all teens are affected by at least one of several anxiety disorders. Depression affects well over 10% of the nation’s adolescents. Other relatively widespread conditions include eating disorders and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

Want to know more about the impact of SMIs on teenagers? Consult the professionals at our adolescent inpatient mental health treatment center today.

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The unique issues teens today face

Mental Health & Drug Problems in Teens

If your teenager has a substance use disorder, chances are quite high that they also have an additional SMI. Teens affected by both of these problems need rehab support that goes beyond the norm. Specifically, they require treatment that’s:

Some rehab providers lack the resources to provide this kind of multifaceted care. However, others specialize in it. Talk to our behavioral health center in North Jersey today for more information on the needs of teens impacted by both SMIs and substance problems. 

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What Exactly is a Residential Inpatient Program for Teens?

The majority of teenagers in rehab for substance problems can recover in an outpatient program. All programs with this name provide weekly scheduled treatment while allowing your child to reside at home. However, outpatient care isn’t suitable for all adolescents. That’s true, in part, because some teens are severely affected by their SUD symptoms. To recover, they need a 24/7 live-in environment that provides extensive treatment resources. This type of environment is featured in residential or adolescent inpatient rehab programs.

In addition to the presence of severe SUD, there are other reasons why your child might need inpatient care. In a substantial number of cases, that reason is the presence of a serious mental illness. Your teen may also:

To find out more about inpatient mental health programs for teens, talk to our helpful staff today.

A Solutions for Teens & Their Families

Our residential inpatient program is foster a community of healing and self-discovery through evidence-based therapeutic approaches.

Portum Behavioral Health is on a mission to help teens and young adults in adapting to the world around them, fostering a positive attitude for a better tomorrow. We offer unparalleled treatment for adolescents, teens and young adults at our residential farm home located in North New Jersey that allows your family a path to healing.

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Treatment Approaches Utilized in Inpatient Treatment programs for teens

Like inpatient substance rehab, inpatient mental health for teens features advanced recovery resources. As a rule, mental illness treatment occurs alongside SUD treatment in a single, harmonious plan. To ensure that treatment is well-coordinated, rehab providers often use options that promote recovery from both SUDs and mental illness. 

For teenagers, in particular, these options tend to be psychotherapy-based. Therapy for teens typically takes a behavioral approach. In other words, it seeks to help your child get better by guiding them toward behaviors that support well-being. To achieve this goal, it’s also important to address the way your teen thinks and responds to their emotions.

There are many different kinds of behavioral psychotherapy. One option widely used in programs for teenagers is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy focuses on helping your child:

"Our program was designed to heal the entire family. From the client to their loved ones our approach to treatment helps the family unit recover and heal together."

Another potential resource for inpatient mental health for teens is dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). This option helps your teenager do two crucial things:

There is a special form of dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents called DBT-A. It can be especially useful for teens at risk for suicidal thoughts and behavior. Additional important therapy options for inpatient mental health for teens include:

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A Safe Place For Teens to Do Some Hard Work

Let the caring and dedicated professionals at our inpatient and outpatient rehab in New Jersey help your teen in overcoming issues that may prevent them from thriving. Our goal is to work with your child so they can learn healthy coping skills, all while focusing on their academic goals and personal goals while in treatment and beyond.

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Medication Management & Teens

What role does medication play in helping teens recover from both SUDs and mental illness? On the SUD side, the use of this treatment option is limited. That’s true, in part, because available options tend to be designed for adults, not teenagers. 

Medication use is more common on the mental illness side of the recovery equation. For example, it can play an important role in the treatment of teen depression. Your child’s rehab team will explain the specific options available to you.

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At our behavioral health center for teens, we feature gender- and age-specific rehab resources for teenage boys. Our inpatient program provides comprehensive support for the treatment of substance use disorders. At the same time, we support your child’s recovery from the SMIs that tend to occur in combination with substance problems. With our help, even teens severely affected by these issues can begin to regain a lasting sense of wellness. 

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