“WAZE” to Recover

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It is another hot and humid day on vacation, and the only thing that makes my clan better is the obligatory stop for ice cream. As we are new to this area for vacation, it has become increasingly clearer that failing to locate ice cream in the VERY near future is a true recipe for
absolute disaster! Lucky for the kids (luckier for ME!) I have Waze installed on my phone, which affords me the opportunity to locate several spots to grab our sweet treat. We have op-
Years ago (27 to be exact), at the start of my career, there were far fewer options for persons who entered into Recovery. 12-step meetings like AA and NA were considered the “gold standard” and served as really “the only show in town”. To be it simply, if you weren’t going
to meetings and involved in a 12-step fellowship, then you were “not ready” to get clean and sober. This meant that many people were ostracized in a sense and thus never entered into recovery.
Fast forward to 2023… and just like WAZE told me about the ice cream, we have options. The field has advanced in their thinking, and now there are several self-help programs that promote and support recovery from substance abuse/addiction. This “multiple pathways” approach includes the traditional 12-step groups. SMART Recovery (evidence-based, more scientific) Refuge Recovery (based on Buddhist philosophy), and more and more recovery services are offered and provided within local places of worship which make searching for a
self-help recovery program as easy as WAZE finds me ice cream (well maybe not that easy) but certainly just as beneficial.

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